Ad-Tabs® Coupon™ Cards

Start selling Ad-Tabs® today!

Ad-Tabs® coupon cards are a patented method of distributing coupons that are a legal patented pull tab that utilizes the popular in-pack chance promotion and an exciting medium to attract customers. Due to the medium's popularity and the uniqueness of the value that it promotes, Ad-Tabs® coupons offer a number of business-building opportunities in the coupon advertising, sales, distribution and retail industries.

Ad-Tabs® are Profitable AND Entertaining!

  • Increase your Revenue!
  • Highest Profit per Card Count!
  • LARGE Variety of $1, $2, & $5 Cards!
  • More Apepealing & Higher Quality Cards that sell Faster!
  • The ONLY Legal Coupon/Sweepstakes type Coupon Card available!
  • 100% TAX FREE, no sales tax, call today and ask us how!

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